How it Works

Storypix is a new podcast format that integrates video with an interview into a single platform. Swipe through the videos as you listen, immersing yourself in the subject of the interview. The audio will keep playing even if your lock your phone, so you can keep listening on your commute or your coffee break.

The power of visual communication

Organizations have been quick to realise that text is no longer the best communication tool: people read less, and listen and watch more.  Video and podcast formats are quickly replacing traditional newsletters, because they are more personal, richer in information, and our minds process it much faster. Videos are shared more easily and studies have shown that companies who understand this have flourished much better.

Yet creating a video can be intimidating on various levels. How can you produce good, personal stories on a consistent basis? How do you make something authentic, without the dreaded feeling you are acting in front of a camera? When will you find the time to edit your material so that your message can be released as soon as possible? 

To address these challenges we at Storypix have developed a new format over the last couple of years, that is unintimidating to produce, has a quick turnaround, and gives people an authentic experience with your organisation.

How we create a campaign

The Storypix team will organise a session with you to find out what your organisation represents: the values, mission, and stories that are central to your core idea. We will then choose several members of your organization and create a series of interviews of them in their daily environment. We sit down and talk and get into their motivations and ideas. No camera’s, it’s a relaxed conversation. Our aim is to capture the essence of our subject. After the interview we film footage of the day to day life of the organisation, people’s work, or living environment. Finally, this material will be combined into an interactive podcast. 

The mobile language

We record everything on mobile phones, in portrait format. We do this to make sure that we stay close to the intimate language we all use for sharing videos with friends and families. Our core mission is authenticity and creating a visual language people can intimately relate to. With this, we never compromise on actual content. The interview can be as long as we decide it to be. Since the videos can be swiped through (and eventually loop) we are not limited to any length. So all the nuance of a particular story, person, or idea can be explored. It’s the quality of the podcast, combined with video, where we can truly understand an individual’s environment and story. 

Getting your message out

Get on a billboard

Once a number of stories are produced you can decide to publish them in a number of ways. We developed a billboard format that every story can be previewed on. It’s a six seconds moving image, with a headline and a QR code that people can scan with their phones, which takes them right to the story. A screen can be placed in a lobby of an organisation, to inform visitors or colleagues. Or it can be placed on street level to inform an audience what’s going on in the building, or what’s coming there soon.  

Get social

You can tap into the social power of Instagram, Linked In, Facebook and Twitter by sharing your stories across your channels. We will work within the framework of each format to publish and always make sure people can access each full story on their devices. For more targeted campaigns that resemble a newsletter or company briefing, you can share these stories across your clients, colleagues and network.