Paul Ruseler


Crazy about films, podcasts and human stories. Thinks the three should marry.


George Borg


The philosophy of a vegan is simple: keep it pure. George knows how to apply this quality to programming and designing products. 


Jack Clackett


As a surfer, chess player and guitarist, Jack sees the world through opportunities. And likes to craft it by hand. 


Lisa Saadé

Research & Production

Lisa is a French étudiante with a Lebanese soul and a gift for finding stories in everyday situations. As a researcher with a curious mind, she will find it, even if it’s a deep dive under the surface.


Debra Osawo


With a eye for composition and a listening ear for letting people speak from their heart, Debra is a person who can open personalities and let us get to know them. Kenyan photographer by origin, she is discovering the power of human voices.