New ways of storytelling

A new generation of entrepreneurs is reinventing the landscape of journalism, crowdfunding and storytelling. They all have one thing in common: they started from an idea and found out what they became, as they moved forward.


Explaining economics to young people

De Geldpers came out of the realisation that financial news is really hard to read when you’re fifteen years old. So when Max was fifteen he decided he should explain the dynamics of the market economy better to his generation and started a blog. Since then it has been growing, like the curve of a crypto, but more steady.


what does it mean to be european

Are We Europe is a network of journalists that work remotely across the continent to collaborate on the question what it means to European. By applying Google design sprints they create large stories for the web, that are then sometimes also put into their quarterly print issue. But that’s an extra for loyal fans.


Trust is grown by embracing transparency

Make Media Great again is a project with a funny name and a serious mission. Annotations allow readers to source check and improve articles and invite media organisations to embrace transparency and accountability. Building trust in the people who keep the democratic process in check.


Programming the DNA of your child

Future Dialogues is a platform where you can play a mobile game to answer questions around a future technological innovation. CRISPR technology for example, let’s us create new DNA to match our own imagination. Do we want to design our babies? Future Dialogues invites you to think about that.


content is more and more about individual creators

The new media landscape may no longer be dominated by institutions, but by people. In the US content creators have already been earning part of their income through donations platforms, such as Patreon. Dutch blogger and entrepreneur Ahmed Aarad believes it’s time to bring this to the Netherlands and allow different voices to be heard.