Storypix Events

Create a pre-event showcase with the contributors of your event, as well as document the event itself with stories of the attendees.

Events and conferences are usually packed with interesting people: keynote speakers, artists, lots of visitors. So there should be plenty of opportunities to meet new people, right? The reality is that many people enjoy events but find it difficult to make new connections, often preferring instead to stay within their comfort bubble.

Storypix is a format with which you can produce visual podcasts on the spot, by interviewing people in audio format and producing short videos that can be swiped through, so you immediately get an idea of the person. These stories can be distributed on social media immediately, or can be published to billboards on location, where people can scan and listen to them on their phones.

It’s a brilliant way to advertise an event and show who’s there. As well as allow visitors to get to know the other people attending the event, lowering the barriers of connection amongst each other.

How it works: We at Storypix will create interviews and video content of your event and guests that can be used as a showcase during the event, as well as creating digital record of the experience, capturing the spirit of your event and can then be used for potential advertising purposes… find out more