Storypix Neighbors

Create a stronger working environment by producing and sharing stories that highlight the different members of your co-working space, community, association, etc.

We go to co-working spaces to be around like-minded individuals: entrepreneurs, creators, writers. As human beings we prefer social environments, even when we are working on our own projects. These shared office spaces are a great way to meet new people and get new ideas.

Yet the reality is that we often don’t know what the other people around us do. Or let alone what they think. We open our laptops and work in silence, one person next to the other, thinking our own thoughts. Which is a pity, because if  you get to know your neighbors, you might meet some fascinating people. Perhaps you’d even come up with ways to work together.

Storypix can create an engaged environment through our podcast interviews where people talk about their work, their life, and their projects. The stories are easily distributed through social channels, but can also be published on billboards or posters. These can be placed inside a lobby or next to the coffee machine - or in a window facing the street for some extra publicity. Get to know your neighbors and their stories.

How it works: We at Storypix will create a series of interviews based around members of your working community, creating a more personal working environment and providing networking opportunities among coworkers… find out more